capt webb
Capt. Horatio T.P. Webb

Parks -- Fall 2012

Version 2 -- Last Updated 10:00 AM 11/3/2018
  1. Button Text
  2. Button Width NOT counting the border
  3. Button Height NOT counting the border
  4. Button Corner Radius
  5. Font
  6. Font Size

  7. Font Color: Red Green Blue
  8. Alternative (2nd) Image Font Color: Red Green Blue

    If used (i.e., you enter color data here), this feature creates a SECOND image file
    BUT with a different text font color for use for with mouseovers or in an alternative button state.

  9. Button Background Color 1: Red Green Blue
  10. Button Background Color 2: Red Green Blue

    If a second color is chosen a linear gradient is produced. Choose:

  11. Border Width
  12. Border Color (If Border Width is NOT zero): Red Green Blue
  13. Transparency Padding Width
    This is the size area of the transparent area around the button.


Source Code for this program here